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   Dr. Ronald D. Macfarlane - Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Macfarlane
Years ago, I decided to re-direct my research program from research in biomedical mass spectrometry to projects that are more directly coupled with patient care and clinical studies. My feeling at that time was than innovations in analytical chemistry coupled with the need to improve the analytical chemistry support base for medical research would be an attractive area for the new generation of students heading for a career in chemistry but with a desire to work on problems directly related to healthcare. I chose three analytical methods that I felt had the greatest potential for being incorporated into clinical studies because they are information rich and not labor intensive. They are the fast ultracentrifuge linked with modern methods in computer-based image analysis, capillary electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry. The final ingredient was access to patients and the medical community. Fortunately, we were able to establish a close tie with physicians in the Departments of Cardiology and Pediatrics. They have provided us with medical expertise, have designed clinical studies incorporating our emerging chemical analysis protocols and we are able to obtain data that is providing some meaningful diagnostics. The students who have chosen to join our group are special and willing to take the risk of going down a path not well defined. They share the basic philosophy of the group: doing chemistry ‘stuff’ but the ‘stuff’ is reaching out to others who are in need of medical care.


1954 University of Buffalo, NY - B.A. Chemistry
1957 Carnegie-Mellon University, PA - M.S. Chemistry
1959 Carnegie-Mellon University, PA - Ph.D. Chemistry

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