Program nlinear

This program computes the total cross sections and photoelectron angular distributions using the dynamical coefficients on an input unit.

Input data records

  1. lmaxa
  2. mmaxa
  3. iuins, iukmat
  4. iprnfg
  5. IPot

Data records from data file

optional data record that indicates which linear polarizations to use, = 0 for all three, = 1 for x, = 2 for y, = 3 for z. If the record is not present then all three are used

Definition of the input variables

Maximum l to include in the asymptotic expansion of the homogeneous solution
Input unit with the b_lms that define the symmetry adapted angular functions
Input unit with the dynamical coefficients
Print flag, >0 gives more output than does =0
Ionization potential in eV. The photon energy is computed to be this ionization plus the photoelectron kinetic energy specified in the scattering part of the calculation.