Differences in par files between versions c and d

In version d, asypol has changed a little bit in the way the switching region is defined. The new version avoinds picking end points that might have arguments too large for the exponentiation is done calculating the switching function. This changes leads to small changes in test06 output.

Instructions for converting to the f90 version of the programs i. e. from .fro to .for. The .fro file are as yet unconverted.

  1. Fix lines which have "dble"
  2. Insert IMPLICIT REAL (KIND = XR) (A-H, O-Z) into all subroutines and functions
  3. Insert USE SetUp into any subroutine or function which does not have another USE statement
  4. Add ", KIND = XR" to all calls to CMPLX()
  5. Add ", KIND = XR" to all calls to REAL()
  6. Remove any unneeded $LPP commands
  7. Make sure that any function statement does not have the variable type definition in the function statement. Move the variable type definition into the body of the function definition.
  8. Make sure that every getnlg has a corresponding "remove call" line. In general fix the input sequence so that the data sets are used in a reasonable manner.
  9. Remove any other occurances of $
  10. Turn any "common" statements into modules.
  11. get rid of last argument in onpdab
  12. Make first output line by using "CALL FirstLine()"