Command CpScatFilesOut

Comand format

CpScatFilesOut FileStem

This command copies the files needed to run the scattering program from the current working directory to another directory using the built-in cp command. It copies files with names of the form fort.NN in the current working directory to FileStemfort.NN. Note that the directory implied by the string FileStem must already exist. The command CpScatFilesIn can be used to copy the need files back into the working directory. If FileStem is a directory name, then it needs to have a "/" at the end:

CpScatFilesOut /u/holddir/

The other possibility is to put characters at the end of FileStem so that the file names will have a distinguishing character string at the beginning

CpScatFilesOut /u/holddir/AG

in this case fort.95 will be copied to /u/holddir/AGfort.95.

Examples of use