Command AddData

Comand format


Data records are added to the data file (fort.95) up to the input line with only eoi on it. All data records previously on the data file with the same labels as the data records in the input to AddData are replaced by the new input. Character data is enclosed in single quotes, 'Character String'.

There are two formats for the input of a DataRecord:

If all of the data will fit on a single line (and read using a single read stament) then the format is

label data1 data2 ... # comment

Alternatively one can continue the data to multiple lines using "-" at the end of each continued line

label data1 data2 - # comment
data3 data4 - # comment
data5 data6 ... # comment

Note that the last line does not have a "-" continuation mark.

The second form uses multiple input lines, this can either be because there are multiple read statements for the input or because it is more convenient to present the data on multiple lines. The format for this type of input is:

label # comment
data1 data2 # comment
data3 data4 ... # comment

When a program is reading a data record from standard input, if the first non-blank character is a letter then the program assumes that this is the begining of a data record label and the program then looks in the the data file for the information. Otherwise the program assumes that the required information is on the standard input.

If the data record is a multiple line record and needs to be directly read from the standard input (rather than from the data file) then the input format on the standard input is:

HereIs # comment
data1 data2 # comment
data3 data4 ... # comment

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