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Complex Numbers (McQuarrie and Simon) complex_numbers.pdf
Determinants and Matrices (McQuarrie and Simon) determinants_matrices.pdf
Time Independent Perturbation Theory Math_techniques.pdf
Q.M. and symmetry notes qm_notes.pdf
Angular Momentum angular_momentum.pdf
Properties of Selected Nuclei Nuclear-props-Drago.pdf
Transitions Between Stationary States transitions.pdf
Diffraction Diffraction.pdf
All_230_Space_Groups All_230_Space_Groups.pdf
International Tables International Tables
The Whole Story of the Two-Electron Bond, with the delta Bond as a Paradigm (Cotton and Nocera) Delta Bond (The Whole Story)
Li2PdO2-Immm Li2PdO2-Immm.cmd5
PtS with 001 plane PtS_001plane.cmd5
PtS with 1-10 plane PtS_1-10plane.cmd5
Beryl_2 Beryl_2.cmd5
Beryl_3 Beryl_3.cmd5
CaB6 CaB6.cmd5
CdCl2 CdCl2.cmd5
CdI2 CdI2.cmd5
CsCl CsCl.cmd5
NaCl NaCl.cmd5
Talc Talc.cmd5
ZnS-Sphalerite.cmd5 ZnS - cubic (sphalerite).cmd5
ZnS-Wurtzite ZnS - hexagonal (wurtzite).cmd5

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