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Class File Description Acrobat File
1.1 Introductory comments, Atomic Structure: quantum nos., orbitals- shielding class1-1.pdf
1.2 Many electron atoms, Atomic radii, ionization energies, electron affinities, periodic trends class1-2.pdf
1.3 electronegativitity, Lewis structures class1-3.pdf
2.1 More Lewis structures, orbital hybridization, examples class1-3.pdf
2.2-3 Symmetry Elements, point groups, chirality, intro. to 'characters' class2-2.pdf
3.1 Molecular Orbitals - diatomics class3-1.pdf
3.2 Molecular Orbitals - polyatomics; localized and delocalized views class3-2.pdf
4.1 Solids - Structures and the ionic model; Born-Haber Cycles class4-1.pdf
5.1 Solids - Covalent Insulators and Semiconductors class5-1.pdf
5.2 Solids - Thermodynamic Aspects of Synthesis class5-2.pdf
6.0 Acids and Bases - Background Material class6-0.pdf
6.1 Solids - Aqueous Acids, Oxoacids, Solvent Leveling, etc. class6-1.pdf
6.2 Solids - Acid, Base, Amphoteric Oxides; Metal Complex Hydrolysis, etc. class6-2.pdf
6.3 Lewis Acidity, Ionic Liquids, Superacids class6-3.pdf
7.1-3 Introduction to Coordination Compounds class7-1-3.pdf
8.3 Electrochemistry - Review of Basics class8-3.pdf
9.1 Electrochemistry - Effects of Equilibria; Latimer Diagrams class9-1.pdf
9.2 Some Redox Systems, Cyclic Voltammetry class9-2.pdf
9.3 Inner and Outer Sphere Electron Transfer Processes class9-3.pdf
10.3 Hydrogen class10-3.pdf
11.1 Group I and II Metals class11-1.pdf
11.2 Boron & Group 13 class11-2.pdf
11.3 Group 13 class11-3.pdf
12.2 Group 14 class12-2.pdf
12.3 T.M.s - trends - ox. States, 1st row vs 2nd row complexes class12-3.pdf
13.1 T.M.s - trends - Metal-metal Bonds class13-1.pdf
13.2 T.M.s - Carbonyls and related ligand class13-2.pdf
14.1 T.M.s - Organometallics class14-1.pdf
14.2 T.M.s - Reaction of Coordination Compounds class14-2.pdf