All the files are saved in  Adobe Acrobat 5.0, therefore you will need Adobe Acrobat Viewer to see the files.  With Adobe Acrobat viewer you are able to print out the slides.  Test solutions will be in the Adobe Acrobat format.  Download Adobe Acrobat viewer for: All platforms

File Description Acrobat File
Resume of MO Theory             MOresume.pdf
Electrochemical Info echem.pdf
Pearsons Hard & Soft Acids Paper     pearsons_h-s_jacs.pdf
The Solubility Rules The_Solubility_Rules.pdf
Prerequisite Handout 1 prereq1.pdf
Prerequisite Handout 2 prereq2.pdf
Prerequisite Handout 3 prereq3.pdf
Prerequisite Handout 4 prereq4.pdf
Prerequisite Handout 5 prereq5.pdf
Prerequisite Handout 6 prereq6.pdf
Phase Diagram Supplement Phase_Diagram_supplement.pdf
A&B Review A&B_review.pdf