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Sayan Saha

Ph.D. Student
Texas A&M University,
Chemistry Department
BS, Chemistry
Tel: +1-979-595-1966
Fax: +1-979-845-7177
Email :
Member since: 2013

Cancer has been one of the leading causes of human mortality globally for the last few decades. Drawbacks associated with traditional chemotherapy intrigued scientists to look for novel ways of treating cancer. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) acts in a more localized way through the irradiation of light to use the destructive power of singlet oxygen (1O2) but it has limitations when it comes to multi drug-resistant hypoxic (oxygen starved) dense tumors. Various Ru and Rh2 compounds under investigation not only kill cancer cells through the generation of singlet oxygen but also can attack via multiple mechanisms including intercalation with DNA, guanine oxidation and photorelease of caged drug molecules, thus overcoming the shortcomings associated to conventional PDT. One of my projects focuses on modifying Ru compounds to shift the irradiation wavelength more towards the therapeutic window (600 nm-850 nm) of PDT. The other project involves the studying of the cellular co-localization of metal-metal bonded compounds (more specifically Rh2 compounds) with different fluorophores attached to it. Both endeavors involve extensive organic and inorganic synthetic skills and in depth knowledge of various characterization techniques (Electronic Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry, Computational Calculations, Mass Spectrometry, Single Crystal X-ray diffraction), Photochemical Studies and Cellular Assays.

Department of Chemistry | Texas A&M University | State of Texas