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Group Statistics

Dunbar Research Laboratories

Office Staff : 1
Postdoctoral Researchers : 2
PhD Candidates : 13
Undergraduates : 2

About Us

The group is a highly international one with a strong commitment to teamwork and collaboration. Students, postdoctoral researchers and senior scientists are organized into sub-groups based on the project and work as a unit to solve problems in synthesis, structural determination and numerous physical and spectroscopic methods of characterization. Main techniques that we use are single and powder X-ray crystallography, magnetometry, Infrared NMR, EPR and electronic spectroscopies, and computational methods. We have a tissue culture lab for growing cancer cells to test new anti-tumor active compounds. The group members are expected to perform their own measurements and interpret the data. Written and oral communication skills are honed by presenting at weekly group meetings and by writing weekly reports. The students help to write their own publications and attend conferences to present posters and talks. Collaborations with numerous scientists, both national and international, allow for the group to expand the level of our understanding in specialized areas.

Current Group
  • Undergraduate Students
Department of Chemistry | Texas A&M University | State of Texas