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Andrey Prosvirin

Senior Research Scientist
Ph.D. in Physics of Magnetic Phenomena, 1997
Russian Academy of Sciences
B.S./M.S. in Solid State Physics, 1990
Kazan State University
Tel: +1-979-862-1485
Email :

My current position is the management and maintenance of the SQUID magnetometer for the Dunbar group and the Chemistry Department. My duties include training and advising students and faculty on the use of the SQUID magnetometer and interpretation of magnetic data.

My current research focuses on magnetic and photomagnetic studies of new materials including molecular magnets, single chain and single molecule magnets as well as nanoparticles. Another interest is computer simulation and interpretation of magnetism (Magpack, Anisofit, Excel, Origin, Matlab, Fortran, Delphi).

Department of Chemistry | Texas A&M University | State of Texas