Department of Chemistry

Erin Tullos, B.S. ‘02, Ph.D. ‘07 North Group

  • SSHE Environmental Advisor, Exxon Mobil
  • Erin and her Husband Mike Tullos have recently endowed the JEMS Scholarship of Collaborative Research and the JEMS Chemistry Undergraduate Research Scholarship for chemistry students at Texas A&M.

Why did you choose Texas A&M Chemistry?

I chose Texas A&M Chemistry because my attention was completely captivated by my freshman chemistry courses. At Texas A&M I discovered that chemistry and math (and ultimately physical chemistry) were the disciplines where I truly enjoyed the pursuit (and practice) of knowledge. Through participation in undergraduate research with Dr. Singleton, my fascination with chemistry intensified and I further appreciated the mentorship and teaching I received in the Chemistry department. I chose to stay - to marry my interests in chemistry, math and pursuit of science with humanitarian benefit - and pursue a Ph.D. in Dr. North's group.

How has your Texas A&M education influenced your personal growth and professional success?

In addition to an excellent foundation in fundamental science, I learned skills over the course of my Texas A&M education that propelled my career in industry. I learned how to communicate my ideas - how to value diverse thoughts - how to effectively collaborate across a variety of collegial, cultural and personal boundaries. I learned confidence, I learned how to be resourceful, and I learned the value of mentorship from senior students, from collaborators and from my advisors.