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Christian  Hilty
Associate Professor
Ph. D. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich

Contact Information:
Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3255

Phone: (979) 862-3099

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Areas of Interest

Current Activities

We are developing and applying Magnetic resonance techniques for the investigation of rapid processes and molecular dynamics. Hyperpolarization of nuclear spins yields unprecedented levels of signal, which enables us to acquire NMR spectra of reactions as they occur, in real time. Applications of these techniques include the fields of enzyme catalysis, reactions in organic chemistry, polymers, and more.

To enable the use of hyperpolarization in NMR, we develop new hardware and specially adapted NMR experiments, and investigate the dynamics of hyperpolarized spin systems.

Hand-in-hand with hyperpolarization, we use modern multi-dimensional NMR for the investigation of basic determinants of protein structure and function, including of membrane proteins.

Selected Publications

Hwang, S., Shao, Q., Williams, H., Hilty, C. and Gao, Y.-Q.
Methanol Strengthens Hydrogen Bonds and Weakens Hydrophobic Interactions in Proteins - A Combined Molecular Dynamics and NMR study. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 115 (20):6653-6660 (2011).

Hwang, S. and Hilty, C. Folding
determinants of disulfide bond forming protein B explored by solution NMR Spectroscopy. Proteins-Structure Function and Bioinformatics 79 (5):1365-1375 (2011).

Chen, H.-Y., Lee, Y., Bowen, S. andHilty, C.
Spontaneous emission of NMR signals in hyperpolarized proton spin systems. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 208 (2): 204-209 (2011).

Zeng, H., Lee, Y. and Hilty, C.
Quantitative rate determination by DNP enhanced NMR of a Diels-Alder reaction. Analytical Chemistry 82 (21): 8897-8902 (2010).

Hilty, C. and Bowen, S.
Applications of dynamic nuclear polarization to the study of reactions and reagents in organic and biomolecular chemistry. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 8 (15): 3361-3365 (2010).

Bowen, S., Hilty, C.
Rapid sample injection for hyperpolarized NMR spectroscopy Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (22): 5766-5770 (2010).

Bowen, S., Hilty, C.
Temporal chemical shift correlations in reactions studied by hyperpolarized NMR. Analytical Chemistry 81 (11): 4543-4547 (2009).

Lee, D., Walter, K. F. A., Brückner, A.-K., Hilty, C., Becker, S., Griesinger, C.
Bilayer in Small Bicelles Revealed by Lipid?Protein Interactions Using NMR Spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (42): 13822-13823 (2008).

Bowen, S., Zeng, H., Hilty, C.
Chemical Shift Correlations from Hyperpolarized NMR by Off-Resonance Decoupling. Analytical Chemistry 80 (15): 5794-5798 (2008).

Bowen, S., Hilty, C.
Time-resolved dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced NMR Spectroscopy. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (28): 5235-5237 (2008).

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