Syllabus Chemistry 102 Spring 2011
Sec. 501, 503
(MWF 8:00-8:50, 12:40-1:30) RM 100 HELD

Professor: Dr. Earle G. Stone
Office: Room 123E Heldenfels (HELD)
Telephone: 845-3010
(no voice mail) or leave a message at 845-2356
(put CHEM 101-Sec. # + subject in subject line of your email)
Office Hours: HELD 123E: 8:00-10:50 AM Tuesday and Thursday
or by appointment

I.A. Ester Ocola
S.I. Leader: Mary Hesse

          CHEM 101 and 102 are the first-year chemistry sequence in the core curriculum. These are 3-credit courses. The sections in this lecture are a part of a much larger program. Each grouping of sections of this course is independent of the other instructors’ sections, but we strive to cover common content. The lecture component of Chemistry 102 covers energy, thermodynamics, intermolecular forces, colligative properties, kinetics, equilibrium, acid/base chemistry, and electrochemistry.

Required Course Materials:


Suggested Course Materials:

• The standard text selected for the Chem 101/102 sequence at Texas A&M is “Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity” 7th Edition, Kotz/Treichel/Townsend. Students enrolled in Dr. Stone's sections may elect to not purchase this text or edition as Dr. Stone's lectures are complimented by and will support many texts. – beware of Vol I and II options. o Preferred:
     • “General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts” ; 4th Edition, Raymond Chang hardbound or paperback
     • or “Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity” 6th Edition, Kotz/Treichel/Weaver.
     • or “Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity” 7th Edition, Kotz/Treichel/Weaver.
     • or “Chemistry”, 9th Edition, Raymond Chang,
     • or Any textbook and edition combination, Averill, Zumdahl, Kotz, Whitten, Chang, ... will work.

Major Examination Schedule Spring 2010:

Mon. Feb. 7 Major Exam No.1
Wed. Mar. 2 Major Exam No.2
Wed. Apr. 13 Major Exam No.3
Fri. Apr. 29 Major Exam No.4
Fri. May 6 Final Exam Section 501 10:00 to Noon
Mon. May 9 Final Exam Section 503 10:30 to 12:30

Lecture Exam Administration:

• Seating assignments are on the bulletin board outside Room 100 HELD
• Bring to the exam at least two sharpened #2 pencils, an eraser, a working calculator, and a PHOTO I.D. (a TAMU I.D. card or a driver’s license).
• Calculator’s that are programmable are allowed for exams, but all memory must be cleared and defaults reset. Have your calculator ready before you reach the door to be checked as you enter the exam room.
• Cell phones and all other electronic devices must be turned off, enclosed and out of sight during examinations. Failure to observe this procedure will result in a zero for the exam.
• All multiple choice answers have to be recorded on the specially marked color coded scanning sheet provided with your exam to be graded.
• Your grades will be posted on the web.

Final Exams:

Do not expect to take the final exam at any time other than its scheduled time.

Make-up Policy For Exams:

Excused Absences: Absences of less than three days due to injury or illness will require the newly established TAMU Explanatory Statement for Absence from Class available at: forms.htm.
The university policy has an absolute deadline (by the end of the second working day after the absence) by which you must notify the professor of any excused absence. I require that you sign-up for the make-up.

Academic Honesty:

Students are expected to be the sole source for any work submitted in their name. The utilization or submission of work of others is a violation of Texas A&M University scholastic dishonesty policies and disciplinary steps will be taken.

“An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those who do.”

Upon accepting admission to Texas A&M University, a student immediately assumes a commitment to uphold the Honor Code, to accept responsibility for learning, and to follow the philosophy and rules of the Honor System. Students will be required to state their commitment on examinations and other academic work. For additional information please visit:

Students with Disabilities:

Please contact the Department of Student Life, Services for Students with Disabilities, located at Cain Hall (Room 118). Their phone number is 845-1637. The Student Services office is very busy, so please make an appointment with them immediately if you feel you require assistance.

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