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Capsaicin: C18H27NO3

Trade Names: Axsain; Mioton; Zostrix
Monoclinic, retangular plates
MW 305.42, MP 65o C, BP0.01 210-220o

Pungent principle in various species of Capsicum, Solanaceae. Isolated from cayenne and paprika. Capsaicin is a powerful irritant; initial administration causes intense pain.  Prolonged treatment causes insensitivity to painful stimuli and induces selective degeneration of some primary sensory neurons.   Burning taste, one part in 100,000 can be detected by tasting.  Practically insoluble in water. Freely soluble in alcohol.

USE: As a tool in neurobiological research.
Preliminary clinical evaluation in chronic postherpetic neuralgia. J.E. Bernstein et al.,
J American Academy of Dermatology
Volume 17, page 93, 1987
Source: 12th Edition The Merck Index

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