Helper Application Software and Plug-ins for Web Browsers

Some notes and some of the online journals will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. The Excel tutor requires Authorware to view.  Viewing 3-D views of molecular structures require the addition of appropriate 'helper applications' or 'plug-ins' to a standard Web Browser. Free-ware or shareware versions of appropriate programs are available. For viewing molecular structure, either the plug-in Chemscape Chime or the helper application Rasmol may be used. Chemscape Chime shows the structures directly in the Browser page.
Chemscape Chime  From MDL Information Systems Ltd. (Free for All Users) Chemscape Chime is a Netscape Navigator plug-in that allows scientists to view chemical information directly on a Netscape Navigator HTML page. Chime supports most of the popular structure display formats that scientists use including MDL Information Systems, Inc. Molfile and many of the popular 3D display formats such as the Brookhaven Protein Databank (PDB) format.



Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is a software that lets you view and print       Portable Document Format (PDF) files.  Acrobat Reader also lets you fill in and submit PDF forms online.
Note: You will receive the most recent version of Acrobat Reader that is available for your language and platform. This means you will receive version 3 if Acrobat Reader 4.0 has not yet been released for your language or platform. Step 3 displays the version and file size of the downloaded file based on the selections you make in Step1.

 Macromedia Downloads: Authorware  The Authorware Web Player, formerly Shockwave Authorware, allows users to create and deliver high-performance, fully interactive, streaming rich-media across intranets and high-bandwidth Internet  links. The Authorware Web Player provides compression and streaming of sounds, animation,  graphics, and text that lets authors deliver engaging, online learning application.



Rasmol and RasMac  Enhanced by the MultiCHEM Facility, UC Berkeley RasMol is an excellent and free pdb viewer available for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX platforms. This site includes links to Quick Help and Basic Instructions for Rasmol as well as links to download original version of Rasmol.



Quicktime Viewer  This stand-alone QuickTime 5.0.2 installer does not require an internet connection during initial installation. To update QuickTime to a future version, you can run the QuickTime Updater on the Internet or download a future version of this stand-alone installer.



PowerPoint Viewer  The Microsoft PowerPoint 98 Viewer allows people who use Microsoft PowerPoint to share their presentations with users who do not have PowerPoint. This product also allows users who wish to post full fidelity PowerPoint presentations on the Internet to expand their online audience to people who might not have PowerPoint. .

       For Mac Users
The PowerPoint Viewer allows users who do not have Microsoft PowerPoint Macintosh® Edition to view and print PowerPoint presentations, but it does not allow them to edit PowerPoint presentations. Features:  Provides full fidelity display of PowerPoint 98 files including the new animations, graphics effects, action settings, hyperlinks, and custom shows. Opens presentations saved in PowerPoint for Macintosh version 3.0 or later and PowerPoint for Windows 2.0 or later. Supports printing of PowerPoint presentations. To use PowerPoint 98 Viewer, it is *recommended* that you have: A PowerPC processor with a clock speed of at least 120 MHz. Apple System 7.5.5 or later. 32 MB of RAM. Color monitor or display supporting greater than 256 colors and 640x480 resolution
                     To install PowerPoint Viewer, please follow these instructions:

                               1.Download PPT98VW.HQX to your local hard drive.
                               2.Double click the file Microsoft PowerPoint View.sit on your local hard drive. This will run a utility that will uncompress the
                                 Viewer and supporting files.  If you do not have Stuffit Expander for Macintosh you will need to download that
                                 from .
                               3.Open the folder "Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer"
                               4.Double click the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer file and the Viewer will launch.

                       Note, if your system does not have the necessary libraries the Viewer will install them the first time it runs. The folder "Supporting Files" in
                       the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer folder contains these files. To ensure the Viewer works on other machines please always include the whole
                       PowerPoint Viewer folder when moving the Viewer to a new computer.

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