Chem 101

Chem 102 Stuff



Numbers, Units, Mass, Measurements, Atoms, Molecules, Ions,Moles,Compuonds, Chemical Equations, Stoichiometry


Intermolecular Forces and Colligative Properties

Why this is not the usual chem class

The real reason you need this class


Chem 101 review

Acid Base
Gas Laws

Chem 102 review

Exam 1 Review

Exam 1 Review


Atomic Structure, Electronic Configuration, Chemical Periodicity, Molecular Shape, Polarity, Hybrid Orbitals


Thermodynamics and Kinetics

kinetics etc. kinetics etc. 2

Exam 2 Review

Exam 2 Review


Organic Nomeclature and Structure, Inorganic Nomeclature and Structure

Week 7- 13

General Equilibrium, Acid/Base Equilibrium, Solubility Equilibrium

Exam 3 Review

Exam 3 Review

Week 10-14

Solutions, Reactions, Concentration, Energy and Enthalpy, Gas Laws

Week 14- 15


Exam 4 Review

Exam 4 Review

Essays by Gregory Benford and Michael Rose
New Methuselahs
Motes in God's Eye
Gods and Science
We Can Build You
High Frontier
NEW! Sex and the Internet
NEW! Real Cool World
NEW! NASA and the Decline of America
NEW! Back from the Freezer
NEW! Our Invisible Maker
New Methuselahs New Methuselahs : Can We Cheat Death Long Enough to Live Forever?
by Gregory Benford & Michael Rose
          We may now begin to pry humanity loose from the vise of aging. What are the realistic prospects for postponing aging, if not obliterating it? Some recent biotech promises to understand and impede aging, and we can accelerate this work. But some find this undesirable, if not immoral. We review the debate from a variety of angles: scientific, ethical, and literary. There is real hope.
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Motes in God's Eye Motes in God's Eye : The Deformities of American Science
by Gregory Benford & Michael Rose

          Contemporary American science is one of the greatest cultural achievements in history. Worldwide, it is the grandest intellectual endeavor of our time. But it has its flaws, its motes that obscure its vision. Worst of these is the increasingly ferocious and wasteful race for grant funding. All too often, conformity, fashion, and cowardice dominate the process. Good scientists squander long hours writing proposals that have about a 10% chance of getting accepted. In 1950, the odds were about 70%. This drives science toward short term thinking, shortening our horizons and corrupting our thinking. We must change our outworn mechanisms, and soon.
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Gods and Science Gods and Science : Three Theologies for Modern Times
by Gregory Benford & Michael Rose

          Science finds no sign of an omnipotent being that creates planets but also can make your heart disease go away. But there are other kinds of god that science can countenance. The most popular of these is God as the Universal Laws, which we call God the Physicist. Einstein often referred to this God, in discussing the structure of physical theory. Another god allowed by science is a Neurobiological God, like a Freudian superego writ large. We develop both possibilities. The choice among them and the traditional theistic God is up to the reader. Perhaps one can even blend them.
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We Can Build You We Can Build You : Transplantation, Stem Cells, and the Future of Our Bodies
by Gregory Benford & Michael Rose

          Stem cells offer the prospect of large-scale repair of damaged or decrepit human bodies. If we can use the patient's own genetic information in creating the therapeutic stem cells, we could replace tissues without suppressing our bodies' immune response. Mastering such technology, we could keep aging or acutely diseased patients alive for long times. Our bodies might become sewn together contraptions, like Frankenstein's monster-a horrifying prospect to some respects, liberating to others. We offer few firm recommendations, but we do tour the rocky terrain surrounding this issue.
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High Frontier High Frontier : A Real Future for Space
by Gregory Benford & Michael Rose
          This is the first of a series of essays on how proper use of space can ensure our future for centuries, maybe millinnea. It outlines several ideas that we'll treat in detail later, and lingers a bit over one of them. Will we have a future in space? Only if we think large. Opening up the solar system probably demands huge spacecraft driven by spectacular engines. The true long term goal of civilization should be the uplifting of all humanity to a decent standard of living. The payoff will be vast, and it demands the use of space-or else we all face long term poverty, both material and spiritual.
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Sex and the Internet Sex and the Internet : HOW BENFORD CORRUPTED THE WORLD WIDE WEB by Gregory Benford & Michael Rose
          In the late 1960s, one of us (GB) noticed that the early DARPANet had a biological analogy. This led him to create and write about the first computer virus. Nobody paid much attention, until viruses and other pernicious forms became a major problem and defending against them an industry. They tell us something sad about our species. This analogy still holds, and can still make predictions.
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Real Cool World Real Cool World : NEW WAYS TO STOP GLOBAL WARMING
by Gregory Benford & Michael Rose
           Global warming can't be plausibly solved by minor cutbacks like those promised by the Kyoto Accords. We are ignoring two methods that we can deploy fairly quickly, and even cheaply. First, start storing carbon away, so it can't return to our air as carbon dioxide. The best place to put it is probably in the deep oceans. Second, start reflecting more sunlight back into space-nature's historical solution. We can do this by lightening our roofs and highways, right now. Soon we can produce clouds over the oceans (which absorb most of the sunlight). These are obvious and so far ignored. We do so at our peril.
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NASA and the Decline of America NASA and the Decline of America
by Gregory Benford & Michael Rose
          How apt is the common analogy between America and Rome? Certainly some traits, like faltering political will and neglect of social basics, seem to be similar. But as Rome failed at its frontiers, so has the USA neglected and cynically managed its space program. For 30 years it has done little at great cost. Fixing NASA gives clues to how we might save America.
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Back from the Freezer Back From the Freezer?
by Gregory Benford & Michael Rose
           Cryonics companies suspend their dead "patients" in liquid nitrogen. Bringing them back is not obviously impossible, but research to make it happen will probably take half a century or more. This is a long shot chance to see the future, utterly American. Scientific issues might be overcome, but social impediments are large, too. . At least cryonics makes it possible for you to die with some hope, however small.
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Our Invisible Maker Our Invisible Maker
by Gregory Benford & Michael Rose
           The problem with the debate about natural selection versus Intelligent Design is that neither is visible. If we were visited by a supremely powerful being-say, like an smart Oprah Winfrey with command over Earth and all its creatures, that claimed to have made us, in a voice rolling from the sky--then ID would be obviously true. Even if such beings visit us from outer space every few hundred thousand years or so, they might have left some debris behind, perhaps in orbit around Earth. We haven't found any. But whatever our maker(s) is (are), they aren't immediately visible. Evolution by natural selection also does not announce its working for all to see. But it is one of the most powerful of all scientific theories, with a wide range of indirect evidence supporting it. Its main difficulty is that it is not warm or cuddly, unlike God or Oprah.
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