14th Annual ACS Chemistry Open House

at Texas A&M University

American Chemical Society National Chemistry Week Celebration

November 10, 2001

Start your wonderful chemistry experience here in the foyer outside Room 100 CHEM at the Welcome Table staffed by Judy Ludwig, Mary Morgan, Susan Winters (our official photographer) and Richard Molina (our multi-media guy).   You should

+  Activities with this symbol are available on a walk-in basis during the times listed.

There are TWO showings of The Chemistry Road Show featuring fires, explosions, weird polymers, super cold materials and other things to amaze you in Room 100 Chemistry at 10-11am and 2-3pm (Drs. John Hogg and Larry Peck, plus Mary Ellen Passarelli).  Highly recommended for all ages.  Get your ticket for fun door prizes from Rebecca Nettles and Tori Carter as you enter Room 100.  A drawing will immediately follow each show, aided by the ACS Student Affiliate members. 

+  Hands-On Polymer Activities, Chromatography, Nail Painting with Sunlight Sensitive Polish and Turning Pennies into GOLD:  recommended for students in grades 1-12.  Adventurous adults welcome as well.  Rooms 2204, 2213 and 2215 (on second floor).  Get tickets at 2204 to avoid overcrowding.  From 11 - 2pm.  (Drs. Gopalakrishnan, Pennington and Mawk, Ms. Carrie Nichols and Mackay Steffensen plus student volunteers)

+  "See, Touch and Think" Chemistry Demonstrations:  In the hallway and foyer near Rooms 2102/2104 and appropriate for all ages.  Come see up close and personal: liquid nitrogen, dry ice & bubbles, Cartesian divers, windbags, memory wire, light sticks, happy/sad balls, weird plastic gels, vacuums & marshmallows, coke floats, magical flashing balls, tornado tubes.   11-2pm (students in Chemistry 116 with Rosario Mejia, Alex Velasquez and Dr. Peck)

+  On-going skit on "Chemistry and Heart Disease":   In Room 2102.  For 10 and up, alternating with
"Story time with Buzzy Bee" for younger children.   11-2pm.  (Macfarlane Group)

+  "Test Your Spit" - All about Starch and Enzymes:  In the foyer near Room 2102/2104.  Appropriate for all ages.  11 - 2pm (Biochemistry student volunteers with Dr. J. Martyn Gunn)

+  Display Your DNA:  In the foyer near Room 2102/2104.  Appropriate for all ages.  11-2pm (Thom Jose & volunteers)

+  Learning about Chemistry using Molecular Modelling Programs on Computers:  Room 2109.  Recommended for 6th grade and up, but all are welcome.  11 - 2pm (Lisa Thomson)

+  Chemical Engineering:  Come see TAMU's entry for the C3=Chem-E-Car Competition - a national competition where team members design and construct a chemically powered vehicle.  Discover a wonderful property of latex balloons.  In the foyer near Rooms 2102/2104.  11-2pm (Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers)

+  Geochemistry:  Learn amazing facts about the phases of the moon, our ground water and geology!  In and by Room 2104.  11-2pm (students in Geology 308 - Integrated Earth Science)

+  Discovering the Chemistry of the Sea:  Near Room 2102.  (Karen Sell & Melanie Beazley - Oceanography)

??How to find the above activities??

All Chemistry Buildings are confusing because they have many additions.  The rooms marked 21XX are on the first floor of our newest wing on the north side of the chemistry complex.  The 22XX rooms are on the second floor of the newest wing.  To get there, go back outside, go down the stairs toward the 3 round brick fountains (called H2O fountain - it's a chemistry thing) and turn right (north).  Follow the signs and sandwich boards.  Turn right again at the street.  You'll see the entrance into the new wing on your right.

OVER for more fun!!



All tours will be led by undergraduate ACS Student Affiliate members (Leah Whiteker - President)  PLEASE DO NOT TOUR INDIVIDUALLY.  Meet your tour guide in the lobby (foyer) outside Room 100 to begin tours in groups of about 10 people at 11:00am, 11:30am, 12 noon, 12:30pm, 1:pm and 1:30pm.  For safety reasons, all children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult.  Do not enter any lab unless directed to and, for your safety, please do not touch anything in the labs.  Safety glasses will be provided and must be worn in the labs.  Please return them to your tour guide when the tour is complete. 


(1)     How Greasy is Your Nose?  A contact angle demonstration in Room 201D.  Demonstration appropriate for 6th grade and above.  (Bergbreiter Group - Andy Kippenberger, Danielle Britton and Jonathon Frels)

(2)     Interactions of Light with Matter; Surface Tension Race.  Room 1008.  Demonstration appropriate for 6th grade and above, but all ages are welcome.  Limit to groups of no more than 10 students.  (Cremer Group - Marc Gurau)

(3)     Fun with the Periodic Table and How One Element (Iron) Gets from your Food into your Belly.  Room 405.  Demonstration appropriate for 6th grade and above, but all ages are welcome.  (Dr. Marcetta Darensbourg and Missy Golden)

(4)     The RNA World.  Demo and exhibits in Rooms 204 and Hallway.  Demonstration appropriate for 6th grade and above. (DeRose Group - Laura Hunsicker and Alyson Krippner)

(5)     Working in an Inert Atmosphere.  Manipulation of Sensitive Substances in a Glove Box.  Room 1305.  Demonstration appropriate for 6th grade and above, but all ages are welcome.  (Gabbai Group)

(6)     A Neat Way to Identify Food Ingredients - Use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.  Room 1237.  Demonstration appropriate for 6th grade and above.  (Scott Group - Dr. Patricio Santander)

(7)     Cyclotron Tours.  Tours at 11, 12 and 1.  Maximum of 15 per tour and 2 tours per timeslot.  Groups will depart from Foyer/Lobby outside Room 100 Chemistry to go to the Cyclotron - about a 2 block walk.  Demonstration appropriate for 6th grade and above.  (Yennello Group)

(8)     Geochemical and Environmental Research Group (GERG) facility - a Center of Excellence for Applied Geosciences.  Pick up a handout at the Welcome Table.  Demonstrations appropriate for 6th grade and above, but all ages are welcome.  Come see exotic deep sea creatures that live on natural gas, buoys that talk to satellites, studies of Antarctica, a modern analytical facility, plus much more.  Sign up for a place on the bus - 39 max.  The tour guide, Dr. Chuck Kennicutt, the director of GERG, will meet you in the foyer/lobby outside Room 100 Chemistry at 1:30pm or you can meet the tour at GERG at 2pm.  The map is on the back of the handout.


An All-You-Can-Eat Lunch Buffet is available at Sbisa Dining Hall for the special price of $5.50 with $1 off coupon from the Welcome Table


Think CHEMISTRY every day and how it affects every aspect of our lives. 

I hope you have a wonderful time today.

Sincerely, Dr. Wendy L. Keeney-Kennicutt, Coordinator of National Chemistry Week, TAMU

Don't forget about the ACS Poster Contest for K-12 students! 

Deadline is December 15, 2001 - There are PRIZES!!

Go to www.chem.tamu.edu/class/fyp and click on National Chemistry Week