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Conference History

The first SWTCC was organized by Danny Yeager February 17-18, 1984, at Texas A&M University in College Station. Over the next three decades the conference has been held at least once a year (with one exception) at locations across Texas and in Lousiana. Below is a list of available locations and organizers for previous SWTCC meetings. Please contact me if you have any corrections or additional information to add to this list, as there is some conflicting information about several of these meetings (particularly in the late 1990s).

Previous (and future) Locations and Organizers of SWTCC
1984 (Feb)Texas A&M University, College Station Danny Yeager
1985 (Feb)Texas A&M University, GalvestonBill Seitz
1985 (Nov)University of New Orleans (SSTCC)*Peter Politzer
1986 (Apr)Rice University John Hutchinson
1987 (Oct)Tarleton State University, StephenvilleJerry Darsey
1988 (Nov)Tulane University (SSTCC)*Mike Herman
1989 (Nov)University of Texas, AustinAl Matsen and Bob Wyatt
1990 (Nov)University of Texas, El Paso Larry Ellzey
1991 (Nov)University of Texas, Dallas
1992 (Nov)Texas A&M University, College StationDanny Yeager
1993 (Nov)UT, Austin & Center for High Performance Computing Kent Milfeld
1994 (Nov)Rice University Gus Scuseria
1995 (Nov)Texas A&M University, Galveston Tom Schmalz, Bill Seitz, and Doug Klein
1996 (Nov)University of Texas, ArlingtonKeith McDowell
1997 (Nov)Tulane University Mike Herman
1998 (Nov)University of North Texas Michael McAllister
1999 (Nov)Texas Tech University Greg Gellene
2000 (Nov)Texas A&M University, College Station Danny Yeager
2001 (Oct)University of Texas, El Paso Larry Ellzey
2002 (Nov)University of Houston Eric R Bittner and Tony Haymet
2003 (Nov)Texas Tech University Bill Poirer
2004 (Oct)Texas A&M University, GalvestonTom Schmalz, Bill Seitz, and Doug Klein
2005No meeting
2006 (Oct)University of Texas, AustinJim Boggs
2007 (Oct)Texas A&M University, College StationRobert Lucchese and Danny Yeager
2008 (Oct)University of Texas, El PasoLarry Ellzey
2009 (Oct)University of Houston and Texas Southern University Vas Lubchenko and CJ Tymczak
2010 (Oct)University of North Texas Angela Wilson
2011 (Oct)Texas Tech University Bill Hase
2012 (Oct)Texas A&M University, College StationSteven E Wheeler
*There are two recorded instances where SWTCC was combined with the Southeast Theoretical Chemistry Association (SETCA) meeting, called the Southeast-Southwest Theoretical Chemistry Conference (SSTCC).