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D. Wayne Goodman Symposium on Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Dr. D. Wayne Goodman, Distinguished Professor and author of more than 500 publications, was an internationally recognized physical chemist, an outstanding teacher and distinguished researcher in the field of surface science and catalysis. His contributions to chemistry and surface science were recognized on national and international levels. He was a member of inaugural class of ACS fellows (2009), and recipient a number of American Chemical Society Awards, including the Ipatieff Award (1983), Colloid and Surface Science Award (1993), Adamson Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Surface Chemistry (2002), Gabor A. Somorjai Award for Creative Research in Catalysis (2005), and Southwest Regional Science Award (2010). Dr. Goodman’s international awards include the British Vacuum Society’s Yarwood Medal (1994), a Humboldt Research Award (1995), the Giuseppe Parravano Award (2001), a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Award (2002), and appointed a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (2009).

This symposium celebrates Dr. Goodman’s many contributions to the field of chemistry and on a more personal level, his many contributions to the Texas A&M University Department of Chemistry and the collegiality manner in which he contribution to the education and research experiences of students, post-doctoral researchers and faculty. Invited speakers include:

  • Richard Zare, Stanford University
  • R. Graham Cooks, Purdue University
  • Tom Miller, California Institute of Technology
  • Brandon Ruotolo, University of Michigan
  • Charlie Campbell, University of Washington
  • James Batteas, Texas A&M University
  • Shelly Claridge, Purdue University

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