Department of Chemistry

F. A. Cotton Medal for Excellence in Chemical Research

The F. A. Cotton Medal for Excellence in Chemical Research was established in 1994 by the Texas A&M Section of the American Chemical Society and the Chemistry Department of Texas A&M University. First awarded on March 31, 1995 to Frank Albert Cotton, the medal is supported by an initial endowment of over $100,000. The funds were raised, in conjunction with Contemporary Inorganic Chemistry: A Symposium in Honor of F.A. Cotton, by Carlos A. Murillo, a long-time friend and co-worker. The F. A. Cotton Medal for Excellence in Chemical Research is awarded annually and recognizes accomplishments in research rather than distinction of any other sort, no matter how meritorious. The award is not restricted by gender, country, or branch of chemistry.

F.A. Cotton became Robert A. Welch Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Texas A&M University in 1972. His research was in the fields of inorganic chemistry, protein chemistry, structural chemistry and chemical bonding. He was the originator of and leading authority in the field of compounds containing single and multiple bonds between metal atoms. His other principal contributions dealt with protein structure, spectroscopic studies of metal carbonyls, and the dynamic behavior of fluxional organometallic and metal carbonyl compounds.

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